Cultural Strategy 2023-28 endorsed

Following consultation with the community, “Connecting through Creativity – Toowoomba Region Cultural Strategy 2023 – 2028”, a strategy to strengthen arts, culture and heritage throughout the Region has been endorsed by Toowoomba Regional Council.

The strategy will help inform future policy and planning, programming and funding priorities.

The five-year strategy will be a guiding document for Council on recognising and valuing the role of arts, culture and heritage in the Region.

In developing the strategy, an evidence-driven approach was taken, informed by national, state and local policies, best practice and incorporating stakeholder feedback. Extensive engagement was undertaken with all key stakeholders including community partners, community members and interested groups.

‘Connecting through Creativity - Toowoomba Region Cultural Strategy 2023 – 2028’ will help provide the optimum circumstances for cultural participation, engagement, and creativity to flourish, and to drive the delivery of cultural services that will contribute to an enviable cultural vitality in the Toowoomba Region.

It provides a co-ordinated and confident vision for the future that will inform policy and planning, programming, and funding priorities.

It will also provide a framework and identify Council’s role in delivering and maximising cultural outcomes for the Region.

Council thanks all those groups and people who provided feedback.

What are our goals or priority areas for our strategy?

A Sense of Place and Belonging 1. Embrace: We embrace First Nations culture and heritage 2. Celebrate: Our unique culture, stories and heritage is multicultural and reflects and shapes our local identity and communities; and we celebrate and nurture diver
A Creative Life Connect, Collaborate and Create: We value creativity, and strive to increase access to, and engagement with the Arts, Culture and Heritage across the region Govern: Our leadership and good governance enable the cultural development of an i
A Region of Culture and Innovation Thrive: Our local arts and creative industries are thriving, and we cultivate opportunities for this to occur Cultivate: We promote the Arts, Culture and Heritage of the region, sharing our wide range of events, festival