Our Council is reviewing the Toowoomba Regional Council Planning Scheme so that we have a planning tool that helps guide development to meet our growing needs.

Our region is transforming. Investment in infrastructure is booming and new technologies are changing the way we connect, live and do business. The need to accommodate a growing population, without diminishing productive farmland and the environment, is driving a shift to higher density housing. Increasingly frequent extreme climate events are also driving us to adapt in many ways.

Building Our Future is about our approach to the next 15 years of development in our region. We are focused on planning for sustainable rural communities and understanding regional identities and values. We are reviewing the priorities and intentions of our Regional Planning Scheme, including the policy framework, zoning and overall workability.

You can find out more information about the Five Themes identified in planning for the future of our Region by downloading the Planning Scheme Review Community Discussion Booklet.

Past consultation opportunities

Thank you to everyone who shared ideas and feedback by attending community workshops or providing comments online from March to June 2019.

Consultation feedback will be used to guide the development of a final report recommending how the planning scheme can be improved. The final report will be shared with the community from October 2019.

Further information

To find out more about the Toowoomba Regional Council Planning Scheme Review please email yoursay@tr.qld.gov.au or call 131 872.