In August 2019, Council undertook a consultation activity to engage the community and seek feedback on The Draft Toowoomba City Centre Car Parking Strategy 2019.

The Draft Toowoomba City Centre Car Parking Strategy intent is to help set the vision for car parking for the next 10 years. The consultation involved requesting feedback via a survey on the following topics:

  • Proposed parking hierarchy within the inner CBD area

  • Location of paid or unpaid parking across the central traffic area

  • Priority parking costs determined by location
  • Parking technologies

  • Payment methods options and apps

  • Parking pricing on and off-street

  • Optimising use of all on and off-street parking

The survey was extremely well received within the community, we received over 1200 response which included responses from business owners and operators, customers and visitors and inner city workers.

We would like to say thank you to all who took part in completing the survey and who have provided feedback and insight into parking across our CBD.

We have asked the community to have their say on The Draft Toowoomba City Centre Car Parking Strategy survey and this is what you have told us:

If you would like to read the full strategy document please visit the document library and open the document titled draft Toowoomba City Centre Car Parking Strategy located on the top right hand side of this page.

Further information

To find out more, please contact Council by calling 131 872 or emailing

What payment option(s) would you prefer to use: Required
Would you use smart parking technology to: Required
Considering your personal travel needs, would improvements to any of the following services provide you an alternative to driving and parking in the core CBD area: Required
Which demographic represents you? Required
Do you agree that Council should maximise the availability and convenience of parking by encouraging higher turn-over, shorter time limits within the core CBD and longer time limits with lower turn-over for areas surrounding the core CBD Required
Do you agree that parking costs should be higher in the core CBD area, and lower in the outer areas. Required

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.