Your City's Centre - Join the conversation at home!

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The Home Project

During COVID-19, it’s an important time to take stock and talk about the future of our community. The Home Project has been designed to provide you with fun activities you can do at home. Join local artists Alex Stalling, London Heir and Jeremy Staples as they take you through short instructional videos on how to create treasure maps, portraits and zines.

Video one: “Portraits of Toowoomba”, London Heir

Join London Heir as you create a self-portrait or choose a ‘community hero’ who contributes to the active life of the city. Through exploring the technique of continuous line drawing, participants will produce a portrait, not only celebrating their own creativity but also the people who make Toowoomba an active place to live.

London's artwork is inspired by the opportunities for creativity she sees around her in Toowoomba.

Video two: “Make a zine”, Jeremy Staples

Join Jeremy Staples to make a zine. Zines are amazing tools for documenting, sharing creativity or personal view points, posting to friends, visions for the future, personal goals for 2020 or even hide for others to find.

Jeremy Staples’ is all about creating spaces for community engagement that provides a platform for people to be heard and opportunities for skill share.

Video three: “City Centre Treasure Map”, Alex Stalling

Join Alex Stalling as you create a treasurer map of your adventure into Toowoomba's City Centre. Where are you starting from? What does your journey look like? Get ready to have some fun!

Alex’s creative works play with the idea of user experience and personal identity, creating layered automatic imagery which captures a reflection of moments in time.

Resources for families and teachers

Colouring in sheets

We want to fill our Toowoomba Regional Council’s City Library with ‘Colour’ post COVID-19. So, pick up a set of colouring in pencils and fill one of these iconic Toowoomba scenes, as captured by local artist London Heir, with beautiful colours to enter our “Lucky Draw” competition*. Instructions for entry provided on the sheet. Entries must be received by 10 July 2020.

Have fun colouring!