Toowoomba Regional Council is now reviewing feedback on Council community buildings and associated facilities.

The types of community buildings being considered are halls, cultural centres, indoor sports, libraries, art galleries, those leased to community groups and buildings at showgrounds and some depots.

The feedback from surveys of leasees, user groups, schools and the general community in May-June 2021 will help us understand how, when and where you use these facilities, and what could potentially be improved.

This information will help us to undertake measures to improve utilisation that reflects community demand.

The surveys have now closed.

To ensure the outcomes are well-supported by the community, there will be additional opportunities to provide feedback when the draft report is ready for community consultation.

While the project covers the vast majority of the areas across the Region, Toowoomba City (given the large number of facilities) and Crows Nest (previously addressed in an earlier study) have not been included.