Clifton and district

Council has adopted the 2024-2029 Corporate Plan.

Consultation has now closed.

Council would like to thank everyone who provided feedback on the draft Corporate Plan 2024-2029.

The Toowoomba Regional Council Corporate Plan 2024-2029 outlines the vision, goals and key priorities to ensure the Region’s future needs and aspirations can be met. The Plan provides direction for Council as an organisation and guides the decision making, allocation of resources and actions of Councillors and staff over the life of the Plan.

The key priorities identified in the Corporate Plan form the basis of Council’s annual Operational and Financial Plans. At the conclusion of each financial year, Council will document in its Annual Report the level of success in implementing the Corporate and Operational Plans. The Corporate Plan has been prepared in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 2009.

2024-2029 Corporate Plan

Council has undertaken a number of consultation activities with the community, our staff, our leadership team and elected representatives. From this consultation we have identified four goals that will drive what we do to responsibly manage our community and Region.

These goals are:

People (Community and Wellbeing)

  • Council promotes a vibrant, safe, healthy and engaged region, creating opportunities for people to connect and belong. We are proud of our unique and diverse communities.

Place (Infrastructure and Environment)

  • Council plans, builds and maintains the infrastructure needed to sustainably support lifestyle and growth. We value our environments, our natural assets and our rich agricultural land. Council promotes sustainable and innovative place management practices.

Prosperity (Economic, social advancement and advocacy)

  • Our Region has a strong and diverse economy. Thriving businesses and industries attract and retain employment opportunities.

Performance (Council workforce)

  • Our Council delivers sustainable, quality services with a customer focus, where our people know their roles, enjoy their work and are valued for their contributions.

Details on key priorities and key services can be found in the Corporate Plan 2024-29 here or in the Document Library on this page.