Contributions closed - 12 August 2022

During September, Toowoomba Regional Council made a resolution to "not proceed to an E-Device Trial at this stage and review the matter in 2023/24 after the State Government's new laws have had time to take effect."

As such, no formal decision has been made on whether Council will or won’t progress with the trial at this stage. Council will be revisiting the matter during 2023.

In the meantime, you can view the Queensland Government's new road rules for personal mobility e-devices, such as e-scooters and e-bikes at the Street Smarts website.

About the survey

Personal mobility e-devices, such as e-scooters and e-bikes, are one of the transport elements that have been identified in the current refresh of the Toowoomba Region Sustainable Transport Strategy.

From this, Council is progressing with plans that could result in a six-month trial for an e-device hire scheme in the near future.

During August 2022, we heard from more than 1800 members of the community - including current e-bike and e-scooter users, potential users and the general public - to help us understand the community's views.

Council is very mindful of the safety required, not only for the users of these devices but also for the safety of everyone in our community as we look for the best way possible to integrate all modes of transport. Feedback from all areas of the community is being used to help us with the scope and guidelines for a possible trial.

If a trial were to be approved by Council, the hire scheme would be provided by an external company via a user pays system.