Council is committed to the goal of a safer, stronger, more resilient region by continuing to improve flood risk management.

During 2016 Council completed a region-wide flood risk study which classified Yarraman, Maclagan, Quinalow, Cooyar, Crows Nest, Jondaryan and Oakey as high priority areas requiring further flood risk management analysis.

As an essential next step, Council has developed Floodplain Risk Management Plans for these communities. Each plan contains a set of floodplain risk management measures to help reduce the risk and impacts of flooding.

Have your say on draft floodplain risk management measures

Consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft floodplain risk management measures during April and May 2019.

Consultation feedback is currently being used to guide the development of the final set of floodplain risk management measures. The final measures were presented to Council for endorsement in in mid-2019.

Past consultation

Council has been working with property owners, industry groups, government stakeholders, community organisations and emergency services to gather vital flood information since 2015. Four rounds of region-wide consultation focused on flood risk, planning responses and flood mitigation were undertaken from 2015 to 2018.

Community feedback received through these consultations has been used to guide the development of draft floodplain risk management measures.

Further information

For more information about the Floodplain Risk Management Plans, please contact Council by calling 131 872 or emailing

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Do you have or are you considering purchasing flood insurance? Required
How often (on average) do you think it is acceptable for your property to be affected by flooding? Required
What do you believe would be the most effective measure to reduce flood risk at your property? Required
What level of control do you consider Council should place on new development to minimise flood risk? Required
Do you give permission for a Toowoomba Regional Council representative to contact you regarding the information you have provided? Required
As a local resident or business owner who may have witnessed flooding/drainage problems, you may have your own ideas about how to reduce flood risks in the local area. Which of the following do you prefer? (1=most preferred, 7=least preferred) Required
Detention facility (temporarily holds water to reduce peak flow)
Improved flood flow paths
Culvert/bridge enlarging
Flood walls/levees
Strategic planning and development controls
Community education and awareness campaigns
Flood forecasting, warnings, and emergency response planning
In a flood event which of the following worries you the most? (1=worries me the most, 5=worries me the least) Required
Residential property damage
Risk to human life
Damage to business assets and livelihood
Roads getting cut off/being isolated for a period of time
Not having enough warning time to evacuate

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