Planning to protect and grow our Region's network of natural assets

Council is exploring ways to protect, enhance and manage our region’s green infrastructure in the same way that we plan and manage other ‘hard’ infrastructure networks like roads and utilities. Our living assets help to clean our air and water, control stormwater flows, contribute to improved lifestyles and provide recreational opportunities.

As part of the Toowoomba Region Futures program, Council is considering new policies to protect and enhance our region’s network of living assets and ecological corridors into the future. This includes integrating provisions for green infrastructure into the new Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme.

During our consultation in late 2021, Council asked to better understand what level of regulation, intervention and rehabilitation you think is appropriate. We want to thank you for your contributions - view the findings here.

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Why is Green Infrastructure important?

A network of green infrastructure showing Green Forms, Green Spaces and Green Connectors.

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