What is scenic amenity?

    Scenic amenity is a term used in urban planning. It refers to public appreciation of a landscape, open space or view.

    How is scenic amenity assessed?

    Scenic amenity is assessed by understanding a community’s preference for a particular type of landscape over others.

    Why is the Scenic Preference Survey important?

    This Scenic Preference Survey will help Council understand which landscapes and landscape features are most valued by the community. 

    The survey is part of the Scenic Amenity Study, an important component of the Toowoomba Region Futures program. 

    The Scenic Amenity Study aims to help protect our natural, rural and urban landscapes and areas of cultural significance by:

    • identifying scenic amenity areas of high significance 
    • identifying strategies for the protection, regulation and management of scenic amenity areas, view corridors and viewing locations that will preserve scenic amenity values
    • developing planning policies for the protection and management of scenic amenity within the Toowoomba Region, including appropriate planning scheme provisions.