About the project

Toowoomba Regional Council is upgrading the almost 60-year-old community facility. We know the current model was the best type of facility for the community at that time, and we are looking forward to creating a facility that will service this generation and future generations.

Built in the 1960s, the existing pool shell, expansion joints, plumbing, drainage and pipes had been assessed by an independent engineer as having reached the end of their useable lifecycle.

Millmerran Pool Flythrough

The video above is an artist impression and subject to updates as the project progresses.


The upgrade of the Millmerran Pool will include construction of a new 50-metre pool. The design features several improvements to the current facilities including a new kiosk building, change rooms, covered grandstand, improved shade areas and pool heating.

Energy-efficient LED lighting will also be installed, and an access ramp is planned to ensure the pool is accessible to people living with a disability or limited mobility

The Millmerran Aquatic Centre will remain closed until mid-2023 to allow for construction of the new pool. Construction of the new pool will be completed by specialist pool facility building firm, Taylor Builders.

You can view the artist impressions for the new pool and facilities through the gallery below. These are indicative images and will be subject to change. Updates will be provided when available.


In mid-2020, Council announced it would be rebuilding the Millmerran Aquatic Centre, however the plans to refurbish the centre were reviewed in late-2020.

After seeking tenders for the refurbishment of the 50-metre pool and changerooms, it had become obvious that more work was needed on the facility than had previously been anticipated.

The community was invited to provide feedback on the future of the Millmerran Aquatic Centre from 9 November to 11 December 2020.

Thank you to everyone who completed a survey or provided feedback in person. We listened carefully to the feedback we received, and this design is based upon ideas and areas for improvement which were put forward by the Millmerran community.

Mural and new building design

Council has assessed options for the mural as part demolition on the site. The existing building which the mural is featured on will need to be removed to allow for the new facilities to be constructed. Due to the material the mural has been painted on, it is expected that it will be unable be removed in a way that it can preserved. The mural will be recorded in high quality image and will be incorporated back in to the new building, acknowledging the history of the pool.

Update 9 February: The The Don McPaul memorial signage for the grandstand is being cared for and will be returned to the new grandstands to continue to honour Mr McPaul and his outstanding work within the Millmerran Community.