Toowoomba Regional Council has developed a master plan for Pioneer Park, Goombungee. The master plan will be used to guide the future improvements of this park to a district-level standard.

Council endorsed the master plan at a committee meeting in June 2021. Council's 2021-22 budget contains funding of $729,050 for the park project. Work is expected to start later this year and be completed in June 2022.

It is important to note that master plans are high-level aspirational concept-style documents that present as best they can on an agreed development position between all people involved. The identification of potential future works in no way confirms that funding has been or will be allocated.

Council asked the community for feedback on what people like / don’t like about the park and what could like improved within and around the park. More generally, what improvements could be made to parks in Goombungee? This feedback helped Council to develop the master plan below.

What's in a district park?

Pioneer Park has existing infrastructure, but generally park embellishments typically for a district park will include: play opportunities (formal playground, nature play); recreational opportunities (kick-about space, ball wall, throw hoop); park furniture (tables, seats, bins, drink fountain); fencing or bollards (if considered necessary to keep vehicles out of park); tree planting for shade, amenity and screening; pedestrian pathway; signage (park name and regulatory); shelter (if no natural shade opportunities), BBQs (already present), bike racks, car parking, exercise equipment, paths, and toilet facilities/amenities (already present).

Click on the image to show the existing layout of the park or open the PDF in the Documents Library in the top right corner.

Final Master Plan

Final Master Plan image large

The master plan document (11.7MB) can be found in the Documents library at the top right-hand side of this page or by clicking on this link.

Council looks forward to working with the local community as this project develops.

This consultation has concluded