Council has engaged a consultant to prepare feasibility studies on converting the disused rail corridors between Oakey and Cecil Plains and Westbrook and Wyreema to rail trails.

A rail trail is a multi-use recreation trail running on a disused rail corridor (public land) for non-motorised recreation – i.e. bicycles, walking, horse-riding.

The trail feasibility study will provide sufficient detail to determine whether the rail trail has merit. Feasibility is determined by an analysis of several factors. In considering trail feasibility, the costs of construction need to be weighed against the benefits (direct and indirect) that such a trail brings.

At this stage, the Council has yet to formally determine whether it will proceed with the projects.


The images in the photos library on the right-hand side of this page provide general information about rail trails and also show solutions and benefits of rail trails from other constructed rail trails in Australia and New Zealand. They are not exhaustive nor are they meant to convey solutions to all issues but rather address issues and benefits that generally arise around rail trail proposals.

Before and after images

The before and after images on the right are artist's impressions of how the rail trail may look if constructed. They should be taken as illustrative only.

Thanks for your feedback

Consultation has now closed for this project. Council would like to thank all those community members who provided feedback at the Open Houses and via this page.