We asked the community to have their say on creating an unfenced, designated dog-off leash area in Rosalie Walk linear corridor parkland in Kingsthorpe.

We received strong community support for the creation of this new area, but generally only if the area was fenced. Based on this feedback, Council approved the creation of a fenced, dog off-leash area in late February 2021. The new dog off-leash area will be available for use in the coming months when preparation work, including signage to indicate the new dog off-leash area, has been completed in the park. The area will provide a safe space for dogs and owners alike to enjoy the great outdoors.

The new are is highlighted in blue on the map below.

Dog handler responsibilities

Within any public area dog handlers must:

  • keep their dog(s) under effective control at all times, either by:
    • restraint on a leash OR
    • unrestrained within a designated dog off-leash area but under the continuous supervision of a person who is able to control the animal by voice command
  • immediately remove and dispose of their dog’s faeces in a sanitary manner
  • prevent their dog(s) from attacking a person or animal, or acting in a way that causes fear to a person or animal, or cause damage to property
  • ensure their dog(s) are currently registered within the local government area where they are usually kept
  • ensure that declared dangerous, menacing dogs, and prohibited breeds meet with conditions outlined in the declaration for that animal
  • ensure that female dogs that are in season (on heat) are not brought into a public area.

Local laws and penalties apply.

Further information

For further information, please contact Council on 131 872 or yoursay@tr.qld.gov.au.

Online Submission Form

This survey has concluded. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.