Council has undertaken a review of the feedback from the Shaping Our Future engagement activities, which occurred during May and June 2022.

The Shaping Our Future Engagement Report was endorsed by Toowoomba Regional Council at its Ordinary Council meeting on 17 August 2022. The report is available here.

Council has agreed to the draft Strategic Framework being modified in response to issues raised during the Shaping our Future stakeholder engagement program, as identified in the Shaping Our Future Engagement Report.

The Strategic Framework will be updated and re-exhibited as part of the formal consultation phase for the new planning scheme. The draft scheme will be exhibited in July 2024.

Council has adopted a hybrid approach to the management of growth to 2051. The hybrid approach will commence with the growth allocation based on the “New Communities” approach, transitioning to the “Convenience” approach for the later period of the growth plan. In this regard, the growth plan modelling will be updated, and the growth plan finalised over the coming months.

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    We’re expecting around 55,000 new residents in our Region in the next 30 years and we're making a plan to ensure our enviable lifestyle is here to enjoy for generations to come.

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