• Shaping our Future

    We’re seeking your feedback on two key aspects of the Toowoomba Region Futures program:

    • The draft Strategic Framework, the first part of the new planning scheme to be drafted. It paints the big-picture vision for future development.
    • Proposed growth options for future development to help us develop the Growth Plan.

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  • What we are doing and why

    We’re expecting around 55,000 new residents in our Region in the next 30 years and we're making a plan to ensure our enviable lifestyle is here to enjoy for generations to come.

    Don’t wait for something you don’t like. Our tomorrow is being shaped right now and this is your chance to be part of it.

  • What's been happening?

    Detailed engagement on key topics was undertaken in 2021:

    • Greening Toowoomba - planning for the protection and enhancement of our living assets.
    • Talking Towns - planning for the future design of our towns and suburbs.
    • Growth Plan - planning for where future population and employment growth occurs.