Consultation has now closed on the proposed development of the park area on the corner of Mort and Taylor Streets, Toowoomba known as "The Farm".

A local recreation park is proposed to be provided at this location. A local recreation park is a small neighbourhood park with minor embellishments that provide opportunities for social interaction, play and casual recreation experiences to local residents generally within walking distance.

It is intended that the improvement works to the park will occur prior to 2024.

Council thanks the community for providing feedback on how you use or would like to use this park area, what you like about it, and what changes could be made to improve it. This information will be used to inform park improvement design works.

Please note that park development works proposed for this location are intended for local users only and will not include any of the following: Toilet, barbecues, car parks, lighting or any other facilities that would normally be provided in a larger (drive to) park area.

All suggestions and ideas will be reviewed and considered by our Landscape Architect team.