Toowoomba Regional Council is investigating the possibility of relocating the Toowoomba Disc Golf Club from Black Gully Reserve to Horn Park.

We would like to hear your thoughts on sharing Horn Park with the Toowoomba Disc Golf Club.

You can view the proposed layout of the disc golf course in Horn Park here. The proposed layout of the disc golf course has been created in consultation with Council's tree services team and keeps in mind other park users and residents around the course:

  • The course stays away from the resident housing, heavily used areas with dogs and pedestrians as much as possible.
  • Discs won't be thrown across paths.
  • There will be high visibility of other park users.
  • The course uses the outer perimeter of Horn Park.
  • Baskets will be placed in locations to reduce noise.
  • The course stays away from any soft barked trees.

What is disc golf? sometimes referred to as frisbee golf or frolf, disc golf is like traditional gold but instead of clubs, balls and holes you use concave plastic discs (similar to a frisbee) and targets. The goal is to get your disc from the tee area to the target (basket) in as few throws as possible.