Toowoomba Region Sports Precinct

Toowoomba Regional Council is in the early stages of a major project to develop a regional sports precinct in Charlton.

The Toowoomba Region Sports Precinct (TRSP) will be located on a site in Charlton next to the Toowoomba Bypass and fronting the Toowoomba Connection Road.

The facility will meet the growing demand for sport and recreation facilities and help attract state and national sporting events to our Region. It will provide a mix of high-quality fields and amenities for a variety of outdoor sporting activities and a district-level recreation park. The design also includes opportunities for the inclusion of future indoor and outdoor courts as well as an athletics facility, however, these elements are beyond stage eight and not currently funded.

The project is being progressed according to the Toowoomba Region Sports Precinct Master Plan and will be developed over several years. The master plan currently consists of seven stages and is expected to cost $197 million.

Council has endorsed the business case and master plan for the TRSP, paving the way for the project to proceed to the detailed design stage. The project is now seeking development approval through a Local Government Infrastructure Designation to enable future development at the site (see more details below).

Stage one will involve the construction of rectangular fields, a supporting clubhouse with car parking and an access road.

For more information on the master plan please click on this link: Toowoomba Region Sports Precinct (

Local Government Infrastructure Designation (LGID)

The project is seeking development approval through a Local Government Infrastructure Designation (LGID) under s.37(6) of the Planning Act 2016 to enable future development at the site. An LGID over the site will facilitate and streamline the staged development of the precinct over the minimum 10-year development period.

The LGID process involves the preparation and assessment of an Environmental Assessment Report (EAR - see the Document Library on the top right of this page) and requires a Council-approved consultation plan to guide community, stakeholder and State consultation. A comprehensive EAR has been prepared for the TRSP that demonstrates the impacts of the development can be managed or mitigated.

As part of the LGID process, the community was invited to have its say on the proposal and the type of infrastructure to which the proposal applies (based on the Environmental Assessment Report documents in the Document Library at the top right of this page).

Consultation on the LGID proposal has now closed and Council would like to thank those residents who lodged a submission.

Have Your Say on the project

We want to know what you think about the new Toowoomba Region Sports Precinct. What impact do you think these new and expanded sporting facilities and recreation areas may have on your own, and your family’s sporting endeavours?

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