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    The growth plan will be a clear, coordinated, and sustainable long-term population and employment growth strategy for the Region.

    We are currently considering two options for the mix of growth in existing areas and at the outer edges of Toowoomba city, to manage growth and development through to 2051.

  • Our Region is growing

    We're likely to grow by more than 55,000 people by 2051. The Toowoomba Region Growth Plan will provide a framework for sustainable future development to make sure our Region remains a unique place to work, live, play – and stay, for generations to come. It will map out how we can accommodate growth and help us identify the required infrastructure.

  • Toowoomba Region Futures

    The growth plan is an important part of the Toowoomba Region Futures program and, once finalised, it will help us develop a new Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme and Toowoomba Region Infrastructure Plan. Thank you to those who completed the 2021 survey. We're seeking further input to give us more certainty about where our community wants to see future growth.

  • Find out more!

    To find out more and ask questions, come along to one of the many drop-in information sessions being held across the Region until 19 June 2022. Visit the Shaping our Future page for dates, times and locations. For further information, please contact Council on 131 872 or email yoursay@tr.qld.gov.au.

Growth options being considered by Council

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