Thank you for having your say on how some of our regional towns and suburbs will look in the future.

You can view the findings here.

In phase two we asked the community to provide feedback on the draft Design Framework which will help inform our new Planning Scheme.

We asked you to have your say on:

Draft design outcomes - highlight how we can improve urban development outcomes in our towns and suburbs.

Draft guidelines - recommend how those outcomes can be delivered.

The draft Design Framework includes a range of planning and urban design guidelines on topics such as:

• Strengthening neighbourhood character areas

• Creating liveable townships for 13 selected towns and enhancing town character

• Street and neighbourhood design

• Village centres

• Climate-responsive design

• Housing design

• Street trees and landscaping

• Housing diversity to offer a range of living options and to accommodate co-housing and ageing in place

Phase one of the Talking Towns consultation was held in March and April 2021 and we asked you to help us get to the heart of what makes our towns and suburbs so great. This is what you told us was important to you…

• Town character – enhance what is unique about each place.

• Green space and environment – shade, parks and natural areas.

• Transport – public transport options for youth and retirees, and connected pathways for walking and cycling.

• Sense of community – embrace cultural diversity and places for community events.

• Housing choice – more variety in housing options that meet the needs different age groups such as retirees, school leavers and diverse family types.

This feedback, together with technical studies, has helped us draft the Toowoomba Design Framework for Towns and Suburbs as part of Toowoomba Region Futures, a five-year Council program to prepare for growth and development in our Region for the next 30 years.

Talking Towns - engaging our communities to provide feedback on the future design of our towns and suburbs. The Design Framework survey is now closed. Thank you to all participants!

Your feedback will contribute to the final report for the Toowoomba Design Framework for Towns and Suburbs, which will help shape Council’s new planning scheme and guide the future of design in the Region.

For further information, please contact Council on 131 872 or email