Talking Towns

Thank you for having your say on how some of our regional towns and suburbs will look in the future.

You can view the findings here.

  • Community consultation phase two

    We invited feedback on the draft Design Framework for our new Planning Scheme. We asked for ideas on how to improve urban development in our towns and suburbs

    The Design framework includes planning and urban design guidelines focused on:

    • strengthening neighbourhood character areas

    • liveable townships and enhancing town character

    • street and neighbourhood design

    • village centres

    • climate-responsive design

    • housing design

    • street trees and landscaping

    • housing diversity.

  • Community consultation phase one

    In early 2021 we asked what makes our towns and suburbs so great.

    This is what you told us:

    • town character

    • green space and environment – shade, parks and natural areas

    • transport – public transport and connected walking and cycling pathways

    • sense of community – cultural diversity and places for events

    • housing choice – more options for different groups, e.g. retirees, school leavers and families.

    This feedback has helped guide the Toowoomba Design Framework for Towns and Suburbs.

Urban Form Outcomes