Why is the Design Framework for Towns and Suburbs important?

    • The Design Framework for Towns and Suburbs is an opportunity for the communities in the Toowoomba Region to start conversations about how we can shape a stronger future together. 
    • The Framework will provide direction to Council on how it can guide future development to ensure it reflects the preferred future character and values of a community, and how it responds to the environment.
    • The Framework will support the things we value about our townships. It will outline opportunities to guide new development to respect and continue the preferred future character and values. 

    Why are we asking about Toowoomba Region’s Towns?

    • The Toowoomba Region is home to some of our most iconic and cherished townships.  We are a vibrant, inclusive and liveable region where respect for tradition and diversity is embraced.  
    • Rich with traditions and bold with ambition, Toowoomba Region towns are warm, family-friendly communities, each with their own unique character and identity. 
    • Council is committed to protecting its towns along with their community and heritage values. and ensure each one has a future that is relevant to them. 
    • Every town in the Toowoomba Region has a unique connection with its residents. 

    What is the Toowoomba Design Framework for Towns and Suburbs?

    The Toowoomba Design Framework for Towns and Suburbs is a study that will outline the community values that must be considered when looking at future planning developments in Toowoomba’s regional communities.

    It will protect the things we love most about our Region and its towns. It will also identify how communities want their towns to adapt to meet their needs and those of future generations.

    The Design Framework will outline a clear vision for the urban form of our towns and townships outside the city, as well as selected inner suburbs of Toowoomba. It will include a range of planning and urban design guidelines and recommendations on topics such as:

    • Street design
    • Building design
    • Village centres
    • Climate-responsive design
    • Ageing in place

    How can I get involved?

    We’ll also be hosting a series of community forums in the north, west and south, talking to people at events and running workshops with industry and community groups. 

    You can take part by completing the Talking Towns survey or registering to attend an upcoming Talking Towns event.

    1. Northern Talking Towns Forum – 17 March
    2. Western Talking Towns Forum – 17 March
    3. Southern Talking Towns Forum – 18 March
    4. Youth Forum – 16 March (Only for people aged 18 and under)
    5. Ageing in Our Communities Workshop – 23 March
    6. Migrant / Refugee Workshop – 23 March 
    7. Visit the Toowoomba Farmers Markets - 17 April