Thank you for joining the conversation. Our survey is now closed. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of the feedback with you shortly as we shape the future of our waste management together.

Toowoomba Regional Council is committed to meeting targets for the redirection of waste from landfill into recycling or other beneficial uses wherever possible.

This program has been guided by the Toowoomba Region’s Waste Management Strategy 2017 and will assist in informing the Waste Management Strategy 2021.

As a State Government-recognised Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan, Council’s Waste Management Strategy must be reviewed every three years and, therefore, another review is currently under way. Challenges and opportunities identified for the Toowoomba Region include:

  • Compliance with National and State policy frameworks, including increased landfill diversion targets.
  • Maximising recycling.
  • Developing markets for recovered materials.
  • Managing increasing costs.
  • Meeting community expectations.

Your feedback will be invaluable when creating new initiatives and strategies for the future.

Please complete the survey below and we look forward to shaping our future together.

Should you have any specific questions, please contact and quote "Waste Management Strategy" or call 131872