Proposal for the relocation of the Yarraman War Memorial Cenotaph

In early 2022, the Yarraman Returned Services League Sub-Branch (RSL) made a proposal to Toowoomba Regional Council for the Yarraman Memorial Cenotaph to be relocated from the current location at Memorial Park on Toomey Street (D'Aguilar Highway).

From this request, Council made an assessment on how the relocation could work within the Yarraman Recreation Ground and Memorial Park, off Emmert Street and sought feedback from the Yarraman Community.

Between Tuesday 12 April and Friday 13 May 2022 a community survey was conducted to establish the views of the Yarraman Community on this proposal.

Based on the feedback received, Council has assessed the proposal made by the Yarraman RSL against Council's Policy 2.47 Memorials and Plaques and has given in-principle support to progress to Stage 2, based on the Issue plans which have been circulated within the Community (which can be viewed as part of the Project Documents on this website).

You can view the consultation report here.

Why is the Yarraman RSL proposing to relocate the Memorial?

The location of the Memorial has served the community well, however there are changing and growing crowds attending the ANZAC Day service.

While there is traffic control in place for the day, there is also a growing concern regarding the risk associated with pedestrian and vehicle movements around the event.

Outside of ANZAC Day, there is an increase of traffic on the D'Aguilar Highway, which means at times it isn’t the place of quiet reflection that is aimed to be. On the other memorial days which are held at the cenotaph, there is no traffic control.

This proposed relocation is considering access and space for future memorial services – for ANZAC Day and other dates with the memorial calendar.

As part of the proposed relocation, there is the opportunity for supporting memorial monuments to be included in the future to recognise each arm of the Australian Defence Force (Army, Navy and Air Force).

What is proposed?

It is proposed to relocate the Yarraman Memorial Cenotaph from its current location to Yarraman Recreation Ground and Memorial Park, off Emmert Street.

This relocation would include all associated signage, plaques, and the use of a removable flagpole to ensure there is no risk during sporting events. There will be landscaping, including rosemary and roses, to help define the memorial garden area.

If the current or future funding permits, a new multi-purpose shelter would be installed with some additional seating with backrests. There is also a proposal for additional landscaping and space for future memorial walls, artwork, or plaques. Formalised carparking on Emmert Street will also be subject to future funding.