Yarraman Waste Management Facility

About the project

Toowoomba Regional Council has commenced designing a new facility for Yarraman and surrounding districts to replace the existing landfill which is nearing capacity.

The new Yarraman Waste Management Facility will be the Region’s first Tier 4 facility and its design principles are based on the Greater Toowoomba Waste Management Facility. It will have a similar look and feel but a much smaller version of the Region’s flagship waste transfer facility.

Being developed as part of the Waste Infrastructure Plan in order to deliver TRC’s Waste Management Strategy 2017, the new facility will be constructed on the same site as the existing landfill.

In November and December 2020 we asked the community to comment on the design. Thank you to everyone who had a say. We're now reviewing feedback and will share the survey findings in early 2021.

What are waste transfer facilities?

Waste transfer facilities are a cleaner, neater and tidier waste solution. Waste is stored on pavement, and transported to landfill locations offsite, reducing the extent of odour, dust, and animal/rodent control required. Litter prevention controls are put in place to contain windblown litter from the facility and prevent it from entering drains. Transfer facilities reduce the impacts to the community associated with landfill activity as well as ensuring environmental compliance.

Further information

As the project progresses, Council will continue to provide updates. If you have any further queries about this project, please contact Council on 131 872 quoting ‘Yarraman Waste Management Facility Upgrade’ .

This consultation has concluded