Smart parking for Toowoomba CBD

Council is excited to bring Smart Parking technology to the Toowoomba Region from late July 2022. The introduction of this new technology will not only mean parking in the CBD will be easier than ever but will be a catalyst for other project innovations across our Region.

Duncan Solutions Australia has been awarded the contract to supply the Smart Parking solution, supporting Council’s implementation of the Toowoomba City Centre Car Parking Strategy. The project includes the installation of in-ground vehicle detection sensors and 170 new pay machines in the CBD.

Pay machines in Toowoomba's CBD will continue to accept cash payments, or debit and credit cards can be used for tap-and-go payment by tapping the card against the external card reader. Alternatively, to pay for metered parking quickly and easily, download Council's app for free from app stores and only pay for the parking you use.

With the new technology, app users will easily be able to find available carparks and receive alerts 15 minutes before parking time limits are reached to avoid infringements.

Free parking will be available for the first 30 minutes in all CBD on-street car parks. Existing time limits on signage across the CBD will still apply. Watch this space for updates!

Where is the CBD Smart Parking Area?

Image of city centre and outer city centre parking areas where smart technology will be implemented.