Toowoomba Regional Council is working with Lockyer Valley Regional Council to elevate the Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley Escarpment to become one of Australia's world class biking facilities.

The project will provide new mountain bike trails with environmentally acceptable outcomes, along with the construction of two cycle hubs - one located in Bridge Street (in Toowoomba) and one in the Withcott township (in Lockyer Valley). This will supplement the existing trails and supporting infrastructure in the area.

Originally Council was planning to construct mountain bike trails in Jubilee Park and Redwood Park, however, the decision was made not to progress with additional mountain bike trails in Redwood Park.

Alternate routes for the mountain bike trails have been considered, and Prince Henry Drive Park has been selected as the new proposed route. Environmental and Cultural investigations are now underway.

Main access to the trails in Prince Henry Drive Park will be from the Lockyer Valley Regional Council Park Reserve along Roches Road and secondary access point will be from the Bridge Street Hub.

A map of the proposed trails in Prince Henry Drive Park can be found here.