What is the Toowoomba Region Futures program?

We’re expecting around 55,000 new residents in our Region in the next 30 years and Toowoomba Region Futures is a plan to ensure our enviable lifestyle is here to enjoy for generations to come.

The program will deliver a new planning scheme, an Infrastructure Plan and a Growth Plan, which together will provide a roadmap for managing urban growth throughout the Region.

Don’t wait for something you don’t like. Our tomorrow is being shaped right now and this is your chance to be part of it!

Project update - March 2023

Toowoomba Regional Council endorsed the Toowoomba Region Growth Plan (TRGP) at the March ordinary Council meeting. You can view the TRGP here.

Project update - January 2023

As part of the next stage of developing the new Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme, Council is looking at guidelines for development within areas of neighbourhood character.

We want to hear from you in relation to what neighbourhood character means to you. More information and the survey can be found below.

Feedback closes at 5pm on Tuesday 14 February.

Project update - November 2022

Council is currently in the process of drafting the Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme, it's expected to be complete by the end of 2024. You can take a look at our proposed timeline here.

Our drafting process is broken down into five week blocks, each five week block is dedicated to a different topic helping ensure we get the Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme right. Take a look at what a five week block looks like here.

  • Emerging and Location-Specific Industry

    As part of preparing the new Planning Scheme, Toowoomba Regional Council is undertaking a study about Emerging and Location-Specific Industry (ELSI).

    Council have engaged consultants Ethos Urban to undertake this study. A further update will be provided in June 2023.

  • Heritage Citations Project

    As part of preparing the new Planning Scheme, Toowoomba Regional Council is reviewing and updating its List of Heritage Places.

  • Neighbourhood Character Community Survey

    Thanks to everyone who had a say during February 2023 on the Region's Neighbourhood Character. Feedback is now closed.

  • Shaping our Future

    Thanks to everyone who had a say during May and June 2022 on how future development should be managed for our Region.

  • Greening Toowoomba

    The Green Infrastructure Strategy Planning Scheme Integration (GRISPI) survey was held during October and November 2021. We sought input on opportunities for protect and enhance our Region's network of living assets. An overview of the feedback is available here.

  • Creating our future together

    We’re building a community of the future. It’s important that we plan the infrastructure, services and facilities we’ll need as our Region grows. We also need to work together to protect the landscapes we love and the lifestyle we hold dear. The Region belongs to all of us so let’s all be part of planning for its future.

  • Toowoomba Region Futures will help us ...

    • define what land can be used for, e.g. housing, farming or industry
    • control how land can be developed, e.g. converting an office into a retail shop
    • identify infrastructure like water, sewerage and transport networks needed to support existing and emerging communities
    • protect our natural, rural and urban landscapes and areas of cultural significance.
  • We'd love to hear from you!

    We’re a Region of many places and communities, each with its own unique character and identity. Toowoomba Region Futures is about understanding the needs and aspirations of all our communities. There are many ways to get involved and have your say from 2021-2025.

    Opportunities to get involved will be listed on this page or you can call us on 131 872.