As part of preparing the new Planning Scheme, Toowoomba Regional Council is reviewing and updating its List of Heritage Places.

Whilst the List of Heritage Places identifies 390 heritage places in the region, the type and amount of information about each place varies, or is partially absent, and as such, does not fulfill the requirements of the Heritage Act 1992.

To rectify this, Council, with the assistance of heritage consultants Converge, are undertaking a Heritage Citation project. The project will:

  • Develop a heritage citation (place card) template which standardises information to be included for each Heritage Place, such as the physical description, a heritage significance statement, a location map, a unique identifier number and the date of the site inspection;
  • Undertake research about, and attend each Heritage Place on the list (anticipated to occur during March, April and May 2023); and
  • Prepare a citation for each Heritage Place, using the place card template.

No new heritage places will be added to the register as part of this project.