What are we doing?

Works are starting on the Highfields, Kratzke and O'Brien Roads intersections upgrades. This is a project that will take several stages to complete.

When finished, this will create a pedestrian and cyclist friendly environment that will compliment the changing Highfields Village business area. As part of this project, there will be new intersections, with roundabouts at:

  • Highfields Road/ Kratzke Road/ O’Brien Road intersection
  • Highfields Road/ Lauder Drive intersection
  • Highfields Road/ Rogers Drive intersection

The works also include a realignment of O’Brien Road, with an additional roundabout included for access to the proposed Highfields town centre. These roundabouts will have priority crossings for walkers and people using bikes.

What is happening in 2024?

During 2024 early works will commence, with the relocations of water, telecommunication and sewer services and placing high voltage power lines under ground.

You can see more details of the project, current construction activities and how we got to this design with the project links on this page.